The Algarve Experience
It's My Ride.

01. Introduction

Pedro came to us with his vision to have a website similar to He went on to explain the idea behind his website; it was going to be the landing page for a taxi booking app which he had created.

02. Logo Creation

Algarve is a region in Portugal’s southernmost area and and it’s know specifically for their Atlantic beaches and golf resorts. With this in mind Pedro drew up a logo concept he had in mind; and it was a combination of a Beach Umbrella (portrayed the Atlantic beaches) and a map of Algarve. We at Brandmanny were tasked with making this concept a reality.

logo concept

03. Webpage Layout

We at brandmanny have this idea that a brand or website has just  3 seconds to capture its audience attention. This was why we made sure that the App’s key features were very prominent on the landing page.





Cash or Card

You are in control

circle 1
circle 3

04. Webpage Screenshot

web screenshot

02. Clients Review

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