About us.

Hi, I’m Tony (Owner and Founder)

Brandmanny is a branding internet company working with ambitious startups and businesses both local and foreign  to create a brand path which others follow. I have done alot of freelancing jobs in fields like website development, graphics design, brand strategy, video editing etc. Over the years i’ve mastered the ART of advancing and helping brands stand out from the general public market. 

Brandmanny always aim at providing optimum client satisfaction. My in-depth knowledge of the rudiments of branding and brand development, offers your business a map into the branding world which in turn gives your business mind boggling publicity and skyrocketing profit. Brandmanny is simply where brands meet creativity and breeds massive profit.

Brandmanny is still growing and the goal is to one day develop into an larger enterprise to better render services and faster delivery. Join Brandmanny

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