Tony Nnabs

C.E.O of Brandmanny Services

Tips on creating your personal brand


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There are a lot of factors to consider when creating your brand; starting from logo design to color scheme and taglines. You have to go with a bold and memorable name, a good support system and also take care of all the legalities and trademark.

The above is only the beginning of the branding process, below are tips that can help you complete the creation of your awesome brand.

Build an interactive online platform

Social media is taking over the marketing field now, gone are the days of handing out flyers at the subways. With hundreds of Social media apps out there, you have to find the one that resonates with you and engage your audience from there.

Your social media posts should reflect your brands personality; this means you have to develop a “social media voice”. Social media voice is simply the way your brand interacts with your audience through tweets, Facebook posts, and Snaps. Finding your voice would take a bit of time but you will get a hang of it eventually.

Make your brand a part of you

Personal branding isn’t just about printing a logo on a shirt, you have to make the brand a part of your lifestyle; your every interaction should portray your brand, the way you talk with friends and people around you also.

Consistency is Key in branding

We at brandmanny personally go with this ideology. Every brand needs to be consistent in what they do; this means every day hustlin’, interaction with clients and potential clients, meeting up with deadlines and making new ones, keeping with social media posting and replying your audience via comments, retweets or snaps… YOU HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT in everything you do.

For example, social media postings, nothing kills a brand’s online platform than slow and inconsistent posting. If you only posted or tweeted once in a week on upload one Instagram photo once in a month, your online presence will eventually die off. Your audience is dependent on how frequent you post. You will need to do trial and error to get to know what works best for your brand, and once you get a hang of it, STICK TO IT!

Valued Content

Your main aim should be to impact value to your customers with whatever you do. This is what major brands like Apple, Nike, and Sony follow-on; they produce quality and amazing products for their clients.

Consider these factors when thinking about values you can impact your audience

What makes you stand out from your competition?

How do these values tap into your client’s emotions?

What feedback are you getting from your customers?

Is my final commodity overpriced or underprice with respect to my customer’s satisfaction?

Make connections with strong brands

The best way to strengthen your personal brand is to make connections with other brands; a stronger brand which can push you up the chain. Your brand’s strength and weakness is very dependent on brands your associate yourself with.



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