Tony Nnabs

C.E.O of Brandmanny Services

Let’s discuss “Brand Positioning” and its importance to your firm


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As an entrepreneur or marketer, you must have come across the term Brand Positioning at some point in your line of work. But if you’re still confused on what the term really means, then please read on.

Brand positioning focuses on how a brand stands out from its competitors and also answers the question of where or how the brand lies in a particular market.

Now, let’s go ahead and look into why branding positioning is important

When you have the accurate brand position, it becomes the driving force behind your company, aiding you in marketing strategies, service restructure and even pricing.

When you struggle to secure new contracts or your workers don’t know how to explain to a potential client, the benefits of working with your company, this is a clear sign of wrong brand positioning.

How to figure out the perfect brand position for you

  • You will first need to understand what your consumers want from you, feedbacks.
  • Study and Analyze how your steady growing competitors are positioned in the marketplace.
  • Note down your company’s capabilities.

What benefits does Brand positioning bring to your business?

Well for starters, brand positioning sets you aside from your competitors, it enables you to take over new territory in the marketplace which no competitor will dare to venture into, because they might be seen as a “me-too” company following your footsteps.

It gives you a focus target; by claiming a new territory in the marketplace, It forces you to focus on your particular services accordingly. And in turn, this will make you an expert in that particular field and also increases your value to potential clients.

It makes decision making very easy for your consumers; everyone wants a clear and easy option, no one wants to go through hundreds of alternatives just to find the right option for them. Brand positioning brings about easy response from your consumers.

In conclusion, a focused brand positioning helps you lay a solid foundation and strong message around a particular area of expertise that will greatly appeal your audience and lure them into making effortless decision to go with your brand.


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